Roth 28-Hue Test scoring Author: Béla Török, MD, PhD,  Email:, (Version: September 2013)

Warning: this program is under development, the error scrore calculation works fine, but the color axis calculation is in a premature state.
Test Type: Saturated     
Desaturated (Commercially not available)
Side: Right eye     Left eye     Binocular
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Enter cap order beginning from the reference cap clockwise or counterclockwise. Warning: since at least two versions with different reference cap numbers of the Roth 28-hue test are existing, you have to determine the cap number of the reference cap! Since the scoring program can not determine the reference cap number, you also have to enter the reference cap in the table below!

Cap order Cap order OK? Green: OK, Red: Error.

Image size (pixel x pixel): 400   450   500   550   600   650   700   750   800  


Directions for use